Wow!  What a busy year this has been! 
I am currently not able to accept any more jobs for 2021 season.  

Garden and Landscape Design &


Whether you have a brand new build and realize you are needing a game plan for your entire property or you just want to improve the looks and function of your front entry or patio, I can help you achieve a beautiful, functional and environmentally sensitive design.    My services range from a consultation to answer some questions and solve some dilemmas, to fully drafted designs for your home, patio, planters or development. 

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01/19 - 01/23

1 1/2 Hr on site consultation within a 30 minute drive from Penticton.

Additional time charged at $75 per hour


$ 175

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Front or Back Yard Design

- Small Front or Back Yard Design

           $495 up to 1/4 acre lot

- Front or Back Yard Design

            $ 995 up to 1/2 acre lot

- Front or Back Yard Design

           $1495 up to 1 acre lot

- Front or Back Yard Design

           $1995 +


Custom landscape design

Hardscape and planting design

One revision included


$ 495

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Whole Property 

Whole Yard Design

- $1495 up to 1/2 acre lot

Whole Yard Design

- $ 1995 up to 1 acre lot

Whole Yard Design

- 2495 + more than 1 acre


Custom Landscape Design

Hardscape and Planting Plans

One revision included


$ 1495

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Custom Planting Plan for your whole property up to $1/2 acre


Custom Planting Plan for your property

Work with a horticulturalist

One revision included

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Landscape Design Includes:

- hardscaping

- patios/ decking / pergolas

- pool concept

- planters

- outdoor lighting

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch


Not included in the package prices: 

- irrigation or grading plans

- Construction details for elements like pergolas, decks and other structures.

- Engineering or Surv

Gardening has been a passion I shared with my grandmother and mother.  They taught me so much about perennials and the English country garden style.  It is a little bit wild, unstructured but it must be well planned in order for it to be effective.


I followed up by taking my Horticulture Diploma, with an emphasis on Landscape Design and Construction through the University of Guelph.   I worked at a very large garden centre in Calgary, as manager of the trees shrubs and perennials.  I learned to be creative using a very limited selection of plant material that was hardy in Calgary.  I continued on to be a partner in a landscape company in Penticton and worked a wide variety of residential and commercial jobs, garnering several awards for my design work.

My continuing education as well as my concern for the environment has led me to educate myself about new, beautiful ways to garden such as living walls, green roof technology, xeriscape and water-wise gardens, rain gardens which catch and utilize rainwater from your gutters.  A bonus benefit; usually lower maintenance, a decrease in your need for water & chemical fertilizers, a garden for you to enjoy, NOT the DEER!  Those beautiful but pesky destroyer of gardens :\

I love Containers and patios, small space gardens and those beautiful succulents!  Containers are a wonderful way to add a shot of colour and texture to a spot you would like to highlight; your front door for instance.  But how often have you brought home a planter that looked a bit ordinary and didn't do all that well or the deer ate it?  The problem is often that many planters are filled with nice plants but they may not be suitable for your location.  Containers are also great to inject some personality into your patio or balcony.  Let me create a container made custom for your style and the conditions your container or planter will have; full hot sun? shade? wind? deer?